Mar 20, 2010

कल और आज

कल घर में एक ही TV था, रिमोट के लिए हम सब लड़ा करते थे,
cooler के सामने सोने के लिए, बिस्तर पे अडवांस बुकिंग किया करते थे,
अपनी chocolate खा के भाई की chocolate पे नज़र रखा करते थे,
मिलता जब उसकी chocolate का एक छोटा सा टुकड़ा तो विजय अनुभूति किया करते थे,
रात को चोरी चोरी हम पिक्चर देखा करते थे,
दरवाजे पे करते चौकीदारी ,पापा की हर आहट सुना करते थे ,
पहली रोटी माँ ने किसकी थाली में डाली, इस बात पे माँ से रोज़ लड़ा करते थे,
एक वो दिन भी था, जब हम हार में भी खुशिया ढूँढ लिया करते थे,
आज हर कमरे में टीवी है ,रिमोट के लिए कोई लड़ता नहीं,
chocolate भी अपनी अपनी है, chocolate में हिस्सा अब मिलता नहीं,
आहट सुनने की ख़वाहिश में ,अब सारी सारी रात करवटे बदलते है,
air conditioned रूम है फिर भी हम रात रात भर जगते है,
आज मेरी थाली में ही है पहली रोटी,पर भूख अब लगती नहीं,
कितने मुकाम हो गए है हासिल पर ख़ुशी कही मिलती नहीं.......................


  1. "There are some experiences in life which should not be demanded twice from any one,

    but everyone wants that.
    good work keep it up. i am really happy see you are writing. every day i am opening your blog or new one. now waiting for new one.

  2. Good Words To Live By

    During my life journey on this planet
    I shall start each day with these affirmations:

    I am capable. I am worthwhile.
    I am handsome. I am lovable. I shall accept both my strengths

    and my weaknesses for they are me.
    I shall never again believe the "lie"

    that if I make a mistake,

    I am a mistake.
    My mistakes are the learning tools

    that I shall encounter on my life journey.
    When I learn from my mistakes,

    I give them meaning.
    When I give my mistakes meaning,

    I can begin to forgive myself,

    I can begin to heal.
    I shall not use my mistakes as excuses

    to give up on me -

    my mistakes are not me.
    I shall seek the wisdom to nurture

    my heart, mind, body, and soul

    so that I may feel more centered
    - providing an energy reserve that allows

    me to climb the mountains in my own life
    - providing an energy reserve that allows me

    to love and support others

    who are climbing a different mountain
    - providing an energy reserve that allows

    time for friends, play,

    and celebration of life.
    I shall allow myself to feel capable

    - so that I may seek excellence.
    I shall allow myself to feel sadness

    - so that joy may return.
    I shall allow myself to feel joy

    - so that I may be revitalized.
    I shall allow myself to feel afraid

    - so that I may find courage.
    I shall allow myself to feel alone

    - so that I may know me.
    I shall allow myself to feel beautiful

    - so that I may feel free.
    I shall allow myself to feel lovable

    - so that the loving may seek me.
    I shall allow myself to feel pain

    - so that I may heal.
    I shall allow myself to feel worthy

    - so that I may fulfill my purpose.
    When I am centered, I see the perfection

    in the world, myself and others.
    When I find the world to be imperfect,

    I will take responsibility

    for painting it that way.
    I will look into the heart of a rose,

    or the eyes of a newborn baby

    and again know perfection.
    I take responsibility

    for creating my own life story

    through the choices I have made;

    to blame others is to give away

    my personal power.
    Who will I allow to write

    the next chapter of my life?
    I shall seek the courage to believe

    in a God or Higher Power

    who will laugh with me in the sunlight

    or cry with me in the darkness.
    I shall make a small difference on this planet

    through the work I do -

    when I leave I will have done my share.
    I shall live, love, laugh,

    and learn on my journey.

  3. kya baat hai supriya this is best one
    really touching